Thursday, November 15, 2012

Communication is vital

Being married, we learn things on daily basis. Wayyyy before I become a wife, I've read in newpaper columns, magazines, online forums or just friends' facebook statuses about the importance of good communication in a marriage. Especially in a long distance marriage, good communication is all we got.

I dont believe that wife should swallow everything and be a good wife. It might have worked long time ago but  I was brought up with 4 males siblings where my opinions were equally heard. I dont believe that girls opinions should be shut off and leave unheard. Women are equally educated as men so please dont use sentences like 'My mom bla bla bla'. Women nowadays dont grow up in the same generation like your mom.  Sorry if you dont agree with me.

But, if you feel like you need the husband to know something, talk slowly, patiently, softly. Dont be a demanding bitch that the sun and the moon move around you. It takes two to tango in marriage, much like in other relationship. 

I'm not good in giving advice. Alhamdulillah, I am married to a man who always have ears to listen to my grumble. and he manages to tame my wild anger, never retaliates with bad or harsh words. Eventually, I stopped being harsh in discussion or when I was angry. Alhamdulillah for such a great husband.

Just a thing to ponder. What ever happen to a spouse, might also affect the other one. For example, the husband wants to change his career and facing some problems with it. So dear husband, be sensitive too that your wife must have worried about you but since you never ask, she would have swallowed her feelings. What ever changes in a marriage, it will affect both spouses.

haish, dah taip taip rasa lame... anyhoo, my point stands. Communicate people, communicate! Dont assume!

You jump, I pull you =)

p/s Suka letak gambar kawen sebab album ni tak dapat sampai sekarang

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