Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today around 5pm I called B, telling him to check his email. And I told him to forward the content to my email. He said ok and hung up. 10 minutes later, he called back. He sounded chirpy and out of breath. He told me the content. He was surprised and excited.

I love surprises. Especially for him.hehe

Today I came back home, heading straight to the laptop, typed, few clicks, secured payment, voila! A getaway gift for my hubby! I knew he would be over the moon. Initially I wanted to surprise him with the news when he comes back for Raya Haji, but the excited me lost the battle hence the incident in the 1st paragraph.tee hee hee 

Anyhoo, InsyaAllah, we'll be there next March =))

B, I love you. And this is for you =)

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