Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Additions

Our house was built about 3 years ago. And because of the period, our fans are aging gracefully, including the one in my room. The speed has become slower although it's the maximum speed. I used to wake up randomly at night sweating and my hair was soo wet as if I slept in a pool. I have an air conditioning unit in the room but my kampong body cannot bear with the temperature. Too hot salah, too cold pun salah.=_________________________________=''

So after a long thought, I decided to buy a table fan. Couldnt take it anymore. It's  apparently summer in Melaka where the weather usually very humid even at night.hehe So today after school, I dropped by Jusco and bought one table fan. Muehehehehe

Ouuyeahhhh baby! Sleep like a bawseeee tonight!

Notice the 2 books?hehe

B gave this as our 8th year anniversary. The book on the left is for those who are in marketing/advertising/creative industry. He bought it for me coz he toto teachers should be creative too. Damn he's true. Some of the advices, heck all the advices in the book are really practical for teachers.hehe the second book I have yet to flip.hehe

May Allah Bless us. I love u!

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