Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chaotic Week

This week, which I still have a day left before I could call it history is very truly dramatic, chaotic, hectic, antique. haha

With heartbroken drama with my students, last straw drama with mom and today, fire drama in school, I could almost scream.

Today, early in the morning around 7.30 am, I was in the principal's office finalising the draft for something when the office got a call saying our staff room was on fire. The office and the staff room is about 100m away. I went out, I saw Form 6s students looked busy, and my nose catched the smell, burning smell. I walked slowly because if the fire was serious, I would have heard screaming but no. Our principal was much faster than me, he arrived there, checking the condition. Apparently one of the air conditioner units blew up, triggered fire and thick black smoke. Fortunately, we had a very efficient worker who ran for the fire extinguisher and voila, the fire was gone but the smoke remained. Few minutes later, the firemen arrived with the fire truck. Quick inspection, we were assured that the fire was 100% off. Since the thick smoke was still around, we teachers were nomads till school ended today. We had no place.

If no one was around, the whole building could be burned into ashes. The building was very old, and made of woods. It's considered a historic piece hence it cannot be renovated but restored only.hehe

Cant see the end.... Our tables were covered with black and white dust from the burning. Tomorrow must clean!

The smoke was bad for the lungs and throats. I got my sore throat back. Some teachers were asthmatic. Some started coughing. Toxic smoke. ewwww

I didnt take picture of the blown air conditioning. Will try to take it tomorrow.hehe

A silver lining from today chaotic event was...... *drum rolls* 


Since I had to station myself at Exam Unit Room so I must appear busy. To appear busy, I must do work. Do work means I have nothing much left on me plate. ME love!

Anyhoo, I cant wait for the weekend. My bro's graduation will be on Sunday at UTP, Tronoh. Road trip!!!!!!! My dear husband who I truly crazily miss and havent seen since a month ago will fly home on Monday. Anddddddddddddddd On Wednesday we gonna go for a short getaway. This week is crazy. I hope next will bring more good things! =)))

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