Sunday, October 7, 2012

Part of Me

Last week I downloaded this movie randomly and today I got a chance to watch it. I've watched many documentary movies before but this one was something different. I got goosebumps the whole time watching this. I got goosebumps for when she was happy, frustrated and sad. Especially when she was sad. 

Katy got a divorce call from her husband when she was doing tour in 2011. Specifically when she was in Brazil. Watching her cried hours before the concert, seconds before she appeared on stage was heart breaking. She really did love Russel. There's no mention of why their separated but I think partly is due to her tour where she was away most of the time. Be strong Katy!

Long Distance kills. I hope it wont kill us =(


I have many things playing in my head. Initially it didn't bug me but recently I found myself to be in gloomy and sometimes depressed mode. B and I are in uncertainties. Of what to happen with our future. We cant do anything, we cant plan anything. Everything is blurry and just frustrating. I tried not to bitch about it but sometimes it gets too overwhelming for me to handle.

The initial plan when we just got married was I will spend my year end school holidays in Bintulu. But many things came up last minute. Up-to-date, we still couldn't find a temporary place to rent. We found few decent rooms/apartments to rent but the rental is our concern. It's either too expensive or not furnished. Few days ago I finally talked to Mom about my concerns and she suggested for me to stay in Melaka. We should be patient until this period is over.

Not only that, I found the flight ticket to Bintulu is getting more expensive.  I used to get tickets below RM200 for return journey but now...we burned at least RM400 for every trip. I am devastated. Bintulu is expensive. Are you rejecting me, town?

I have never told anyone before simply because I'm scared of the response. The words 'itula sape suruh carik org jaoh' could turn me into a monster, if i ever heard those live. Some people I know are already clapping with joy about our situation. 

Be strong Nurul. You too B. I love you and soon all these shall pass.

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