Sunday, October 28, 2012


So we went for a short getaway in Port Dickson last Wednesday =)

As a surprise for B, I booked one of the rooms at The Lexis (formerly known as Legend Water Chalet) for a night.hehe Initially I told B that we were going to stay at a homestay and B you could never hide your disappointed face. Cmon, getaway at a homestay? Not romantic at all.hahaha Technically, I booked the room which was own by an individual, not the hotel generally. So I considered it as a homestay la. Anyhoo, let's enjoy the pictures!

This bed, among other hotels that we have stayed. was the best so far! WIN!

The TV reception was bad, 4 blurry channels available.

Our balcony. The opposite was The Grand Lexis, units that have private pool for each. Wanted to have that but Miss Red was in town. Wont be fair watching B cannon ball-ing while I sit and watch.hahahahaha We could hear kids screaming with joy.huhu

Our own big bath tub. Woo hoo!

Above the bath tub, we had this. ahhh this is life.

Alrite smile for the camera!!!

The publish rate for the room is around RM400++. I booked individual unit which had no relation to the hotel for half of the price. Go here if you are interested =))

I'm looking forward for many many short getaways with B in the future. I have found a partner who enjoys going places as much as I do so we both are excited for many destinations that we would go next.hehe

So what's next? I'm thinking these two =)

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