Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a silver lightning

Today was a pretty bad day for me if you ask me to sum up. Mostly the bad part was done by only one bad student, a lower 6 student. He always mocked me in class, calling me and when I responded, pretending he wasnt the one and made the whole class laughed. Not only he disrupted the lesson, he played with my integrity, my ego and my profesionalism as his teacher. Basically he's just a bad clown in the class. If you follow my twitter, i spent about some times this morning raging my frustration. If you didnt know me, you would have arrived at a conclusion that I'm a bad teacher for bad-twittering (origine: bad mouth..hahaha) my student virtually. But I've had enough of his antiques, his nonsense. He has been doing this since the beginning of the semester so you could guess how long I've been putting up with this attitude. Today was the day I decided not to bother anymore. Plus, words of encouragement from my seniors made me feel like some people out there understand the whole thing.

I am never at all bother at my students' proficiency level. I just cannot tolerate bad attitude. I have a very weak girl in my class whom i swear everytime I highlighted her weaknesses that I saw her small eyes not welling up. But she is so determined to at least get Band 3.I'm with her in achieving her goal. I want her to succeed. Not for me,but for her. To all students out there, a really good teacher will never give a shit about how weak you are as long as you try to do the best with the right attitude. Jangan bodoh, tapi sombong!

And there is also one boy in my class, S. He came late at the beginning of the semester with this attitude, kampung boy who thinks having a motorcycle is all that matters. However, after few exercises, I found that he has some language skills based on his writing. I started complimenting him in any way and sometimes scolding him when he got on my nerve. Today, in the same class, I returned back their writing paper. Minutes before I walked out of the class, S came and asked 'Cikgu, caner ah nak kasi essay saye ni ok sket?" Yess till now he calls me cikgu instead of teacher or madam =_='.

It was an uxpected question for a kampung hero to come and asked how he can improve his writing. I guess all the positive and negative reinforcements I used work!!haha

To sum up this ngerepak post, be nice students. We  teachers are not trying to make your life miserable. We want you to succeed. And when you succeed we never ask any recognition, certificate to acknowledge what ever we have done for you. And we never miss to say 'pelajar2ku/ all my students' in our prayers. We never ask for any material things. Just for you to work hard for your own success.

Ok now I sounded like an old auntie. Got to go. Bye!
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