Friday, October 12, 2012


So I decided to go for a vacation with B next year and burned a hole in our pockets. Told mom about it and opkos she nagged for a while and then let me moved on with life.hahaha I think some how she understands that we are living far away from each other and it's okay to go places once in a while. Ok not once in a while. We go places almost on monthly basis now.hahahaha end of this month we are going for a short beach getaway =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I think my priority has changed. Before this, I hold on to my money to buy a house or if B and I were to get any transfer. Since it's been forever and there's no news about it, I'm letting loose on my money and spend it away.hahaha but mostly on food (hence the weight gain lately) and also to go places with dear Hubby. I hope B and I can take many many many pictures of us in different places and create new memories for us.

not so interesting picture.hehehe

Thanks to Groupon, Streetdeal, Mydeal, Milkadeal and basically all only coupons website for making traveling more affordable. I love u guyssss!

p/s now need to save save save for our big vacation next year!

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