Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scariest Moment

I've had the scariest moment in pregnancy today.

Baby A last kicked around 8.30pm last night and kept quiet till 8.30 am this morning.

By now I am pretty familiar when he's moving, his most active hours and it's at night.

Usually I could feel him playing while I was sleeping at night but last night, none.

I woke up feeling scared and called B. I was in a panic state but tried to control my emotion. 

Told B about it and decided to go to the hospital by noon if he still doesnt move.

I was super scared.

I have had many things running into my head like the possibility of giving birth early. I dont care. All I know is I want Baby A to be safe and sound.

I had my breakfast then I only felt him kicking actively. You cant imagine how relieved I feel. Alhamdulillah.

I think I pushed myself too hard since few days ago. I'm tired so I think the baby is tired too. I should rest more. I hope no more scary moment liddis.

To Baby A,

Dont scare mommy like that again ok. Mommy is sorry if mommy pushed too hard at work since few days ago. Daddy isnt here so let's take care of each other. I know I complained a lot about carrying you but Mommy loves you too much to not having you. You are the best thing that ever happens to mommy (aside daddy =p). Mommy will complain in the future but doesnt mean mommy dont love you ok?

A couple of months then we can see each other face to face. Hang in there lil hero. =))

*Belly high five*

The only 3D I have when you were 14weeks old. Now you are reaching 30 weeks. few more weeks to go =)))

I will be here to protect you as long as I live. *hingus meleleh*
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