Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mean mothers

Since I got pregnant, I've joined many forums or groups discussing about parenthood, tips for pregnant mommies, tips to breastfeed, tips to feed a baby, etc. I find it helpful to read about the tips because I have almost zero knowledge about being a parent. However, not all the mommies in the groups are nice. Some were really mean.

It is understandable that you might have more experience than other mommies especially to those first timers but it doesnt mean you can undermine the latter group. I find that these two topics are the hot ones where some mommies brag or undermine others.

1. Breastfeeding
2. Vaccination.

I need not lay all the infos. Google and you can find it. Some comments were really sick, to the bone.

Riak betul sesetengah ibu yang berjaya breastfeed anak sampai dua tahun sehingga merendah-rendahkan ibu yang tidak. Susu ibu tu rezeki anak. Kalau dah tak banyak, bukan rezeki la. Kenapa nak kutuk2 ibu yang tak ada rezeki susu melimpah? Kalau kau berjaya, Alhamdulillah, berila tips atau sokongan dengan ibu-ibu yang tengah berusaha. Kalau Allah tarik balik.....

Lately, the issue about vaccination in Malaysia has become a hot topic. The same thing like breastfeeding, some mommies can be super mean. And you call yourselves moms? =(

My mom fed us Formula Milk and never missed any vaccination appointment, we grew up well, went to school, went to university, have good careers and now expanding family. Malas pulak aku nak sertakan hadis segala tapi we all have our own goals.

What ever you believe in, what ever your method is, all mothers have the same common goal, to give the best for the kids. One way might not work for general population so dont be mean mothers. and stop bragging please. It's sick!

ok that's all for ngerepak post =)
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