Monday, June 24, 2013

School's closed so I ngerepak =p

API reading yesterday for Melaka exceeded 400 so the Ministry ordered all schools to be closed today. One extra day to rest I suppose. But at 10am now, I'm super bored. Prefer to work but not with the haze though.

Anyhoo, yesterday I took out all Baby's clothes to wash. Taking one by one, cutting the price tag was supposed to be a quick task but you know, excited first time mothers, I took all the sweet time in the world running my fingers on the fabric, talking to Baby about his new rompers, towels, mittens and booties that I took almost 1 hour.hahaha Excited khennnnnnnnn!

B told me to take pictures of the clothes so I laid them out according to groups ; day wear, night wear, accessories. Good thing oso because then I realised how limited the mittens/booties/socks are.

Yezzz only these many =____=

I thought we have bought more.....So this week we gonna buy a few more sets, just enough for a week I guess. Ni sebab kedekut la ni. Nak beli yang boleh matching ngan semua baju.haha

Due to haze, I postpone the plan to wash. Dowanna the clothes to smell of smoke.

Anyhoo, last night for the first time in my life I had to sit on a chair to pray. I couldnt sujud anymore due to the bulging stomach. I felt weird though and I had doubts whether I did it correctly or not. Hopefully I did well.

Another thing is since few days ago, I could feel big movement from inside the belly. Really big that sometimes i feel like my skin was gonna tear.haha So i looked through Youtube and found this one video that almost similar to mine. Very exciting to watch =)

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