Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Keeping Fit

One of my hobbies since I got pregnant is I love to walk around shopping malls. It made me feel alive and healthy. I know people say I should rest whenever possible but resting and doing nothing make me feel weak and unproductive. 

Mom is worried because I go to shopping malls too frequent. Sometimes 5 days per week.haha I went there, walked around for at least half an hour then went home. Exercising is good right?????? So today as usual after school I stopped at Jusco just to have my walking routine after 2 days resting at home. There's a small booth selling home made cake, cupcakes. Nyummssssssss

Red velvet cake. Been craving for one since Naim's wedding reception. But cant lawan the one from The Whisk la....

And chocolate moist muffin. Ya Allah, if not because of Mom (she stopped me halfway), I would have gobbled all of them. By the way, 6 out of 8 are safely tucked in my belly. Miahahahahaha

 I'm not a sweet tooth person, but if the feel comes, I can gobble one whole cake. =)

I have finally gained 20kg since the starting of my pregnancy. and I still have approximately 9 weeks which means I will keep gaining more.....20KG is a lot but what can I do.......I just hope my baby's fine. But after delivery, I'm a piece of work. Expecting lotsa exercises to shed the extra kilos T____T

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