Friday, June 7, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding

One of the reason I dragged my belly and flew all the way to Bintulu was to attend my best friend's wedding. She's married now, I could see her happiness. Congratulations Aya & Dayat. Have a blessed and eternal marriage till Jannah =)).

Solemnization: 1st June 2013

Reception: 2nd June 2013

Got engaged 5 minutes before solemnization

Tunang orang for a short while onleyhhh

End of solemnization event. Not many pictures.haha We left early coz B had to work that night.

Reception Day: Dewan Suarah Bintulu

Aya comes from a Silat family so silat performance is a must. That's her bro right there.

Adat nasi temuan. Was hoping to had this for my wedding but nehhh..terlepas peluang nak sapu muka B ngn tepung.hahaha

Ini kawan-kawan sekolah saya. dari tingkatan 1 - 5 =)))))

She's married =)

Wanted to take picture on the dais but I izz amik tepi2 jahhhhhhhh

But rezeki ibu mengandung, the official photographer wanted us to take picture with the bride and groom. Hoyeahhhhhhhh. 

I looked so big here. I am indeed big. hehe It was a happy day.After that we left to go karok. Will blog about it later.


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