Monday, June 17, 2013

Drama for the day

I had cherry berry (diarrhoea) the whole day yesterday. It started from Saturday night till this morning. I was mostly tired and the hazy air made my body and respiratory system harder. Told Mom I wanted to skip work today. But being the senior teacher....cut short, I was already in school at 6.55pm.

I was till I went for another round of cherry berry. I started sweating profusely and my stomach felt uneasy. I had two buns for breakfast so I didnt think it was due to empty stomach. While walking to the assembly spot, my soil turned to jelly land.Luckily, it happened at the right time, near the biology lab. I entered and quickly settled on the cushion settee. Headache, nauseous, stomach pain and the world became blurry. And not to forget, the sweat. Asma was there so she fanned me, and kept repeating 'You look pale, you look pale'. Kesian pulak aku tengok kau.hahaha I hate attention so when the teachers started to notice my condition, I felt even more uneasy.

I went back and forth to the sink, scared I would throw up anytime but luckily I didnt. I couldnt really remember the details but after the assembly, I went to the canteen, had a glass of milo (i hate milo), went to the staff room, doze off for 10 minutes and went to see Boss. By looking at my face, Boss straight away said 'Pegi balik amik MC. HAHAHAH' By 10.15am, I was driving out of school and went straight to the clinic in Alor Gajah.

Doc said I was slightly dehydrated but the rest was normal. She gave me a day off. Went back home, had lunch and slept.

B said I was 'derhaka' to him this morning. He told me to rest at home.hahaha sorry B. =p I hope this thing wont happen again in the future. But on a bright side, Baby A kicked more today.hehehehe

What a post without a picture aite? Unrelated to the post tho.

Taken during Min's reception. I knew I am big but never knew this big @.@.

My belly hid half of Makteh's body.hahaha

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