Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life Long Learning

One of the things that made me grateful is to study in Batu Lintang Teacher Trainee College. Why? Because the classmates and the lecturers there made me realise how important life long learning is. Initially, I have never thought of studying further than degree. I want to study at least till second degree.

A few of my classmates have hopped into Master degree recently. Jealous? God knows how I feel inside. It has been a dream to study again. And it used to be my goal before settling down, gettin' married and have babies. But life dont always go according to your plan right? =)

If I have the extra moolah, I would definitely go to further my study. But (ok I use too many but(s) hehe) life commitments sometimes put a pause on this journey. I am married, a long distance marriage that costs a lot and a baby is popping out in a few months. My priority changes accordingly. Sometimes I did ponder and had many 'what ifs' in my head. But I'm happy and wont trade that happiness for anything.

InsyaAllah, I want to be a student again for all the right reason. Not because I want to escape being a teacher, not because I hate the boys in school, not because I'm tired of the education system.hehe Because right now if people ask me why i wanna read books again are because of those.hahaha it's normal la right. To run away from the situation you dont like.heheh

To all my classmates who are on the bandwagon, good luck. Study hard. It will be fun burning the midnight oil doing assignments and studying at the last minute just like during our younger days.heheh I will burn the oil too, changing diapers and feeding baby.hehe

P/S Nurul, time and rezqi will arrive one day. At the moment, you have bigger commitments, bigger 'amanah' to carry. =)

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