Friday, May 31, 2013

of maternity dress

I'm on the hunt for a good dress, that can function as normal dress and maternity dress. Since I've outgrown some of my maternity blouses ( is that even possible?), i need replacement. Actually it was my own fault for buying S/M size where now I think my belly could grow up to XL =__='. So here are some of the blouses/dresses that I can fit no more.

Real maternity dress or blouses are expensive. Usually I opted for plus size blouses or just wore my mom's blouses.muehehe But I need something that can stretch well and after delivery can still be worn. So I found one type that I like. Fishtail blouses.

It's made from stretchable cotton, and cheap too.

Taken from Here

Now speaking of pants, I think I should stop wearing pants or jeans. Because I find that they made my evil red lines becomes worst. At the beginning I just had like few lines that were hardly visible. Since the starting of school holidays, I wore jeans daily and since then the lines decided to multiply. uwaaaaaaaaaaaa so i nangis seeing the belly looks liddat now.huhu takpe. Proof of my battle.hehe

So when you are in the 3rd semester, you should hate pants ok. Let's wear skirt or dresses only.muahaha 

Actually I have no valid point for this blog. I'm just bored. B is sleeping for he is working night shift tonight. I dont do afternoon nap. My eyes are super wide. I disturbed B few times but his eyes remained shut =___=

I'm bored!

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