Friday, May 10, 2013

Clumsiness During Pregnancy

I consider myself a clumsy person. I drop things, I trip and fell for no reason, I always bang my feet while walking out the door and have pieces of food on my clothes after every meal. Those are okay when you are NOT pregnant!

I just learned (about a few minutes ago) that clumsiness is one of pregnancy symptoms (=___=' why must everything be a symptom??). This is taken from BabyCenter:
 You're carrying more weight than you're used to, and your center of gravity shifts as your uterus grows. Add to that hormonal changes that cause ligaments in your pelvis, your knees, and other joints to loosen, and it's no surprise that your posture changes and your sense of balance worsens. Loss of abdominal strength and swelling in your feet and legs may also play a role.
 Anyhoo, it's extremely dangerous and risky to have this symptom and I'm worried. Because lately, since my center of gravity has shifted and weight increase and belly expanding, I have had few incidents. I experienced near-slip situation on daily basis. The fact that my school compound isnt safe (to date since I started my service, 3 teachers fell and injured their joints). I pray pray pray that the incident will never come to me.It did once last year and my knee was pretty damaged (wah kau damaged) hahaa and torn my baju kurung skirt. 

Ok digression.

Not only that, I always have this - accidentally bang my belly with a table, chair, door, car door =___=. Since the skin is super tight and belly button is going to pop out anytime soon, it hurts as hell okay! Just today, I was so excited at the Big Bad Wolf fair I banged against the table sooo many times i wanna cry d. I swear! I dunno the word in English but in BM, Ngilu! It's like I forgot that the belly was even there!

I guess I'm still not familiar having this bulging tummy. And since it's a common symptom, phew~~!!


This is my 8-months pregnant belly ok, according to my colleague.haha Not even 6 *sigh* 

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