Monday, May 6, 2013

Weather rambling

Did chu know that Melaka weather can drive you crazy?

It's humid, hot, dehydrating and uncomfortable even at night.

and if you are pregnant, this could be one of the worst pregnancy experience.

I've got rashes on my arms, thighs and now my super round belly. Sedap tau garuk tppppp pastu pedih. Guilty pleasure.

As a teacher, I dont just sit in the staff room for hours. I go to classes, and these classes are on the top floor of a 3 storey building, the farthest building from the staff room. By the time I arrive, I would be panting and sweating like hell.

My style of teaching involves walking around the class to ensure the students arent doing anything funny. So teaching, walking, demonstrating make me sweat, heat up my body. And I get angry easily too.

In the staff room, although it's fully air-conditioned, I doubt those aircond unit ever got service. We have 133 teachers in the room and when most of us were in plus the existence of students who appeared needed to be there made the temperature quite warm. I would fan myself, or wash my feet many times in a day just to cool the body temp. It's tiring but I got no choice =__=

At home, I have ceiling fan, a table fan and an aircond unit in my bedroom. Sometimes I would turn these 3 on at the same time. Sometimes they helped. Sometimes, I would toss on the bed sweating like a pig. Panassssssssssss. Kaya mak bayar bill letrik.haha

Now I'm thinking to buy another table fan to place near my table in the staff room. Over tak?haha

Next to my working place at home. 

But this humid weather also means another thing to me:

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