Sunday, May 5, 2013

Motherly Instinct

Voted for the first time in my life today. Before this, I couldnt care less about what's happening in Malaysia. I couldnt care where or how the money was spent or on what. When I registered to be a voter, I was forced by my dad, a year ago. But today, I'm glad Abah forced me because today, I feel the need to do something, not for me, but for my children.

When you are pregnant, it's common to have what experts call nesting instinct. The instinct will drive moms-to-be have the love for cleaning the house just like how birds are preparing before the arrival of their babies.hehe I do have that instinct, particularly for toilet. I cant see any spec of dirt in the toilet or you'll see me cleaning it.haha

Apart from that, I also have this worries and concerns about my babies in the future, I have thought about their saving plans, mentally calculating how much the cost for raising a child would be in the future, how much dowry I have to pay for my son's bride (yeaaa hahahahhaa) and so on. I've started to think about those as early as 1 month into pregnancy. Instinct yo!

So, I feel happy to vote for today. I hope I've made the right decision, not only for me but for my generation. I love Malaysia, I love peace. May Allah protect Malaysia.

Any party who wins tonight, I hope this crazy battle taught you how much responsibilities you have and dont feel too comfortable. You are here to work for the people, not vice versa. =)

My 'The Finger' pose.hahaha
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