Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Book Rack

Since young, I love to buy books. I think I'm the only one among my siblings. And this has gotten worst since I started earning my own penny. There's definitely no problem in buying books. But the storage. I bought books sometimes on impulse (yea just like during Big Bad Wolf) and I have never thought about where to put them.muehehehe

Proudly took this picture from the book fair and left the stack for weeks liddat. Which obviously made mom super annoyed.

I guess Mom got fed up seeing my books in my bro's room, in the guest room, in the living hall, in the hall and even in the kitchen. Last Thursday, she did something that I should have done instead of her. She bought a new book rack!

I never knew I had these much books lying around. No wonder Mom couldnt take it anymore.hahaha she took the effort assembling the books and rearranging them nicely. Yerppp mom did that and I sat watching.hahaha bad bad daughter =___='

Worry not Mom. When I have my own house, I will transfer all these books into my own.hehehehe just for the moment, bear wimme. And please expect more books coming in for my baby too.haha

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