Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pretty Much like Mom

I'm entering the 6 months phase, almost there but norchet. So far in this journey, I've heard Mom said the familiar thing - 'Mak dulu pun macam kau jugak' - I had the same things like you. She was talking about her pregnancy journey. Now let's list em down shall we?

These were the symptoms she had/ had not while ballooning the 5 of us.
  • No morning sickness - Checked!
  • Low HB - Checked!
  • Big belly starting from the early stage - Checked!
  • Active - Checked!
  • Stretch mark - Checked! Wait say what?????
 I;ve been religiously applying bio oil since the beginning of my pregnancy because of what mom told me. She had stretch mark and not only that, they bled! That's why I've been a bit psycho about having it, not scared of the scar but the part it bleeds *shivers*. Mom said hers was quite painful and crazy itchy. Especially during hot weather.

Last Sunday, the lower part of my belly was super itchy. Extremely that I went to check whether it's because of the skin stretching or I got bitten by a bug. I used a small mirror to check and guess what? It's there, the red narrow band staring back at me T___T .

The weather is pretty humid these days and guys, I could go crazy with the itchiness. I want to cry, I want to scratch but I'm scared it will bleed. So I have to rub softly but it's still there, the itchiness!!

Pray for me guys I wont bleed. I cant imagine to have itchy, bleeding and sweating belly at the same time. woooooo~~

Wearing Haley from Poplook. It's not meant for maternity but it did for me.haha me at 23 weeks. Perut mak besaq ok! My other colleague can still fit in her baju kurung T__T

Hopefully I will have another of Mom's style -  Normal delivery =)))
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