Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week24

Hello Week 24!!!!!hehe We are here =)


Wore this blouse on Friday. Had 10 colleagues asked whether it's a tshirt, corporate shirt or blouse.haha Bought it for RM26 through internet.Not meant for maternity but worked for me =p

How far along? 24weeks and 5 days ! Roughly 16 weeks or 106 days left!!!
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a grapefruit measuring about 30.5 cm in my belly. that's long!
Weight gain? Since I gained a lot few weeks ago, I'm scared of the scale now. So I dunno how much I've added this week =__=
Belly condition? Hello stretch marks!!!hehe still very few but extremely itchy that I feel like using a fork to scratch.
Energy level? Medium.
Sleep? Since I entered this week, I had trouble sleeping at night. I woke up several times just to change position or to pee. Body temperature also went hay-wired. It's very warm and even the aircond was on, I still sweat like a horse. The problem with aircond is my nose cant take it.
Maternity clothes? No need to ask dy la.....but I am happy to announce that I can wear my mom's baju kurung/jubah/blouse. muahahah save save save!
Comfort level? dont get me started =p
Cravings? Bathtub and a massage
Best moment of the week? Could feel Baby A's movement from outside the belly. It's more active now =))))))
What I miss the most? Running. hahahaha

What I look forward to? 1st year anniversary celebration in 2 weeks!
Weekly Wisdom?  Cry if that makes you feel better =)

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