Saturday, May 18, 2013

Book Review: Dreams of Joy by Lisa See

Untuk perkongsian NILAM bulan ini. =D

I managed to finish one novel in a week. Phewwww~~ It's not easy to steal time to read but I managed. Proud!

Title: Dreams of Joy
Author: Lisa See (this is the first novel from this writer that I read)

What I love about the story:

 Kid you not, this novel is hard to put down. I had to keep reading until my eyes were tired or I had other things to do. What fascinated me the most is how Lisa See wrote so much detail about the communist in China around mid 50s. I know China had it's revolution age around that period but I have never read anything so vivid and real about the situation at the time. How much brainwash the people received everyday, how hard and dirt poor their lives were. Haishhh I am no good with bood review but the book is a must read!

I bought 3 of See's novels from BBW. Now, onto the next book shall we??

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