Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I was typing work-related stuff on Abah's PC when suddenly it lagged. While waiting for the programme to un-lag, I browsed through the many folders Abah has in the PC. And I folder caught me attention. The folder contains the pictures of my wedding, and the reception at B's side, Sibu. Photos that all these while, I have never known they existed.hehe

Our Bermukun Night =))

Gituuuhhhhhhhhhhh kedua-dua bondaku. First time in my life I watched my mom dancing.haha

Masa ni nak ngamok dah sebab B sort of M.I.A sebab beliau tanak joget =__=

Yeahhhhhh berjaya.. perkara di tunggu-tunggu oleh para hadirin.haha


That's B's atok sedara, our pom-pom supporter.hehehe

 Whole family in Sibu =)

Almost a year since 2 families unite by a sacred bond. Till Jannah, InsyaAllah

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