Thursday, May 2, 2013


I went for a check up today. You probably heard that I've gone for too many already.hehe Since my HB is forever low, I am put under risky category, hence the visit is once every 2 weeks. This apply for government clinic only. In addition to that, I also have a private O&G from private hospital because I rarely see the doctor from Gov clinic, it makes me feel more confident to see a doctor.hehe

Anyhoo, today's check up was usual. I expected my HB to be low around 9 but it was not the case. Today's reading was 8.4. I am frustrated. After all the food, the pills I took, HB still....haish.... When I said food, you cannot imagine how many things I took everyday until even to think about them make me nauseous. erghh...

I got so frustrated, I cried the whole journey to school. I'm scared what would happen to Baby if this continues. I dont care if it affects me, and only me but it will get to Baby and that breaks my heart. It's normal to have low HB once you progress into pregnancy but mine has been low since the beginning of pregnancy. The bigger the belly gets, the higher the demand of HB from Baby to ensure healthy growth. Google if you wanna know the effect. I cant type it here, too painful.

I'm still waiting for the blood test result. it's been one and a half month since I went for the test to determine the reason for the lack of HB in my blood. I've gone for a few since January but this time it's for Thalessemia. Hopefully everything will be okey =)

  Just now mom and I lepaked while watching TV. So I told her that B and I are planning to go somewhere to celebrate our first anniversary. She started to nag about I'm going to get so tired, not fit to travel far etc before I cut her and said 'Mak, it's going to be in Melaka, Bandar Hilir specifically'. 

I tot she would stop but continued nagging about wasting money, should have planned for baby stuffs  and the funny thing she said was 'kalau nak aircond, rumah ni pun ada aircond ' I cant see the relation between celebrating anniversary and to sleep in an air-conditioned room  =____='. 

So B and I are going tooooooooooooooooooo Bandar Hilir and spend a night or two there for our 1st anniversary. Romantic right???hahaha Actually B did ask where I want to go and suggested few islands like Perhentian, Pangkor but I am tooo lazy to travel with bulging tummy. Plus I cant wear my bikini so what's the point? =p I told B let's go to Melaka jahhhhhhhhhhh. He searched for few hotels and resorts and finally found something within our budget.

Fell in love with its bath.hahahaha a new hotel so the rate is still affordable. Will blog about this after we stay there aight!

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