Friday, May 24, 2013


Hormonal changes are inevitable when you are pregnant. When I was still a noob about pregnancy,  I thought hormones only made the pregnant mommies emotional. They do more than that.

Mood swing? - Definitely

Darkened skin - *nangis*

Nesting - this is good

Overwhelming tiredness, bloatedness (the normal symptoms) - bearable

There are many more to add but today I just found a new one: Rashes

I woke up this morning, feeling terribly itchy around belly area. It has always been itchy but soft rub or scratch would do the trick. But this morning, it was just..... Putting the 'protect-the-beauty-of-my-belly-notion' I scratched like a mad mommy. I almost cried ok because of the itchiness. Have never experienced anything like that before. So after shower, I checked my belly using the mirror. There are many red dots and rashes on the belly even I was shocked. They werent there last night! I googled about rashes during pregnancy. Guess what? The culprit could be the hormones. Pfffttttttttt!!!

What else you got for me hormones???

Here are the lists of common rashes during pregnancy. I dont know which one is mine but luckily, I have another check-up with O&G scheduled next week. I need to do something. =(

Wanted to put belly with rashes but the picture makes my belly itchy.hahaha so put a cute baby picture here. If B's genes are dominant, we would have this baby. If my genes are dominant, we will have jawa baby.muehehehe

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