Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Current lifestyle

Unlike before, I drag going home after work. I woke up feeling soo excited to go to school, a place where I can go crazy, I can scream, I can laugh, I can forget about personal problems. Never thought I would come to this stage but work keeps me sane and happy.

Lately I've been finding reason to go home later than usual. I dont want to go home before 5pm. I went to malls, friends' house or stayed back doing work in the office. Why oh why?

The worst feeling one could ever feel is lonely. I'm lonely. That's a fact. I live with my parents. But still... Let's not talk about being ungrateful shall we?

Today my back hurts like hell. When I walked, I noticed I would sway to left side and felt dizzy. My calves need a massage. I want to complain, I want to cry. I did actually. But I dont feel any better. Being alone in this situation hurts. Especially when the hormones join in the fun. Seriously.
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