Monday, May 27, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week26

Kinda late for the week's update.hehe been busy =p

I feel like a sea lion.muahahaha

How far along? 26 weeks!! Roughly 14 weeks left. *dup dap dup dap*
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of an eggplant. Wow!!! Today's scan showed that Baby A is 1 week bigger than the size it should be. He's now 1.1kg. Supposedly not even 1kg.haha
Weight gain? Still maintain from the previous week. *ting!

Belly condition? Rashes. Belly button has halfway popped out. Ngeri!

Energy level? Still very energetic though approaching the 3rd trimester.

Sleep? Toss and turn on the bed like a log is a normal sight.
Maternity clothes? Added two more maternity dresses. Thanks Hubby!

Comfort level? Hip alignment is not stable.hahahahaha
Cravings? Got my bathtub and bubble bath.haha 

Best moment of the week? We tot Baby A was in oblique position. So B had a conversation with him at where we thought was the head. Turned out he has moved and B was talking to his knees.hahahah anyhoo, Baby A responded when daddy spoke to him. Priceless!!!!

What I miss the most? Durian. The season is approaching!

What I look forward to? Staying with B in Bintulu for a week =))))

Weekly Wisdom? Create your own happiness =)

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