Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Perk of Being Pregnant

One of the perks of being pregnant for me is having a luscious hair.haha I noticed it this morning. I cut my hair about 2 months ago and today, I noticed that i've grown around 1.5 - 2.0 cm longer!!!!(browsed through old photos in phone then I notice it)  So I went to google about this and found some info. Based on this website, it says that:
Many women experience changes in hair texture and growth during pregnancy. The hormones secreted by your body will cause your hair to grow faster and fall out less. But these hair changes usually aren't permanent; most women lose a significant amount of hair in the postpartum period or after they stop breastfeeding.

But I dont like the part where I might lose them in postpartum period. Boo hoooo... I love my hair now. It's full, strong and healthy.hahaha Have you heard the wife tale where after giving birth, if the baby salivate more, it will cost the mom to lose hair?? Finally there's scientific explanation for that. huhu Am gonna enjoy this 'luscious' moment till the day I have to depart with them. =)

Since she's also pregnant, it fits to put her picture here.hahahaa
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