Saturday, May 11, 2013

Big Bad Wolf - MITC Melaka 2013 #2

So as I mentioned earlier, I went straight to MITC Melaka after school ended at 12pm. Honestly speaking, I never experienced that kind of rush to get something. I was so ecstatic so excited because Big Bad Wolf was something I could only admire before but now they are here!

The traffic was quite congested (it was Friday), I arrived around 1pm. It was so quiet.haha not many people were around which means Yippeee for me! If you are looking for ATM Machine, there's only one in the building and that's CIMB. I wanted to withdraw my saving from Tabung Haji but only through Maybank. So I took out all the balance left in account and not satisfied (did i mention I'm super broke?haha). So I told myself, neh mind, go see around first and if I feel like I'd buy more, I'd go to Maybank branch near Mydin.

For you information, I went there twice.haha the first round I didnt take any picture. I was too indulged looking at all the books. The first round I spent about 45 mins when I started to feel dizzy and then realised I had not taken my lunch. Spent whatever moolah in my wallet, left the hall and looked for something to eat. At first I wanted to go back but then, this thing doesnt happen often so I went to Mydin, ate asam pedas ikan pari, withdrew more money from Maybank and headed back to the exhibition hall. This time the place had more people.heheh

When I entered the hall about 2.15pm. 

For a first timer like me, I didnt know that I could bring own bags, carrier, trolley etc. They provide box for you to fill with books but as a pregnant mommy, how much weight could I carry rightttt???. This second round, I managed to get a trolley that was provided by the management. I saw some people brought their luggage.Never thought of that. muehehehehe

Bought this book when it was first published costing RM62 if I'm not mistaken. It was only RM8 there. sob sob sob. Thick cover summore okay!

Some of the tables had books arranged liddis. I felt it wasnt maternity friendly. I had one book I wanted to check out but it's in the middle. I couldnt reach it and that's why I accidentally banged my belly so many times against the table trying to reach it T___T in the end it's just look so funny so I walked away. tsskkkk

Was queuing at the cashier around 4.30 pm and took this picture. More visitors definitely. =)

It was a great experience for me. I have never spent so much for books in one time and bought that many.hehe I'm satisfied. I'm not sure when I'll start reading all of them but I guess confinement time is the best right?muehehehehehe So what did I catch yesterday?

Bought for myself, B, Baby A, Anis the cousin and her baby.hehe

Frigde magnet crazy, bought these 3 special BBW Melaka edition for RM10 onleyhhh. 1 for me, B and Anis =)

So if you are still torn between going or not going, please go. The books are sooo cheap like a novel usually costs around RM32 but I got 4 novels with the price at BBW. The cheapest one I saw was RM3 the most expensive could go around RM25- rm45 depending on the genre.
The books are divided into these categories:
  1. General
  2. Romance
  3. Reference
  4. Sci-fic
  5. Young adult
  6. Children non-fiction
  7. Children activity books
  8. Comics
  9. Humour
  10. Beauty
  11. Hobbies
  12. Arts
  13. Best sellers
  14. Cooking
  15. aaaaa I cant remember anymoreeeeeee
There were 6 cashier counters for your convenience, the persons on duty were very friendly and very organized fair.hehe

Hope my post helps to toss the coin for you. Happy Shopping!!!

Bangsa Membaca Bangsa Berjaya!
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