Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maternity Pillow

Currently I'm in Bintulu. For a week. Please expect more updates because I know I'd be super bored staying in the hotel room while B is out at work.haha If we had a house, at least I could play housewife. But we dont.huhu

At the final week of 2nd trimester (some websites claim this week is the beginning of the 3rd trimester), I am starting to feel very big, tired and sore. Just last night, I couldnt sleep because this hotel only provides 2 pillows (one for me and B). No extra pillow to support my bulging arch. Plus the pillow is too soft that when I laid on it it was as if I had  no pillow at all =__='. It's bad for pregnant body okay. Anyhoo, this is a budget hotel, so everything is oso budget even pillow.haha

Luckily I have the greatest husband in the world. He piled few clothes on the bed and put the pillow on top of the piles. He folded kain pelikat and his coverall to support my overflowing (yea exaggerate much?) belly. At least I could slept few hours last night. I still woke up several times to pee, massage leg cramps or just to toss and turn.

Today I'm going to buy an extra pillow. A cheap one. Just enough to support my belly.

Anyway, I finally bought a maternity pillow after much consideration.hehehe I tot I could do with just fortress around me but it didnt. So I invented a sum of money into this maternity hoping it could be my savior at night.huhi Trust me, when you are pregnant, your husband is no longer comfy to hug.hahahahah

I bought this pillow from this Kakak i stumbled upon while surveying on the internet. She offers great price, cheaper than the ones sold at any maternity shops and I love the design.hehehe

If you are pregnant, even not pregnant oso can, and want this weird looking pillow, visit here. The Kakak is sooooo friendly =)

The price ranged from RM165- RM245 depending on the material used.

I have yet to try this pillow so cannot say much la. Will blog about this once I get my hands on it okey =)

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