Monday, May 13, 2013

Tips to a clean toenails!

Before I got knocked up, it was my monthly routine to soak my feet and clean them at home. But with the growing belly, it's impossible for me to bend. T____T

I've always wanted to go for a pedicure. I feel my feet look haggard, dirty and dry but I cant find the time, don't want to go alone or just no budget. Last Saturday someone shared a tip on Facebook, home made solution to clean the toenails.

The formula is kinda simple. just add:

 1 portion of Listerine (I was using this blue flavor)


One portion of Vinegar (stole from mom's pantry cabinet)


A basin of warm water (the one that can fit both feet)

 Andddddd soak for 15-20 minutes

After that, if you are not pregnant and can bend normally, use old toothbrush or pumice stone and scrub scrub scrub. I used toothbrush to scrub (berpeloh-peloh mak hokay tring to reach the nail area =__=')

and the result.... tadaaaaa!!!!

Ok I googled. Uploaded own feet but then I feel gross so the picture above almost 95% similar to my feet.hahahaha  

Caution: DO NOT GOOGLE 'FEET'. Could be the reason to puke . erghhhhhh

Happy trying!!!!

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