Friday, June 21, 2013

The Bad Weather

I've been ranting about weather lately, on Twitter lah. It's very uncomfortable and it makes me agitated. The API at home isnt so bad but at the city center, which my school is located is getting worst. And lately my nose has started to bleed. It's normal for pregnant lady but it didnt happen before this. The hot and dry weather could be the culprit.huhuh

Anyhoo, I wore a mask most of the time in school even in the staff room because you could see and smell the smoke even inside! That's bad okay. I dont wanna google the effect on the baby just hopefully he's strong inside. One good thing thou that my baby always cover his face with the hands. Kinda protecting oso la right?hahaha

A cliched photo.haha in the staff room.

Today I woke up from my afternoon nap and saw roti jala picture on Facebook. Gosh...the urge to have it I made for myself. That's a miracle coz you see, my pregnancy hormones have washed away my mood to cook. It's almost impossible to see me cooking but this afternoon was an exception. Even Mom kinda raised her eyebrows.hahaha

And funny thing about hormones too. I spent 30 minutes standing, aching both legs and tail bone to prepare this. But I only ate 3 pieces only and instantly the appetite died. Just like that. =_____= So Mom had to finish it. 

Haishhh i oso dont understand my hormones la. Who does?hahahah

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