Saturday, June 15, 2013

Congratulations Min & Pika!!

My cousin Naim got married last week. But today was the reception on the groom's side. I was late for the event due to stupid ladap in school. Yea it's stupid and wasting our time.

Anyhoo, I really really really really really love the dress. AND It's purple!!! =))

The Dais.

Very few pictures because by the time I arrived, I was too tired and hungry.

And I didnt get to meet all the cousins from Singapore. Dahla ada yang bertaun2 tak jumpa =(

and didnt get to play with Adam. Because of that Ladap. arghhhhh

I wont complain if i can learn something new from a course. But today's course was just to me a form of brainwashing. blerghhhhh.

Next will be Aisya's Wedding.weeeeeeeee 
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