Saturday, June 1, 2013

Night Blues

I'm having a pretty bad backache and sore from hip to calf area. Due to sitting on the floor for more than 2 hours this afternoon. Never knew the effect would be this long. When you are as big as a walrus and something is putting pressure on your tailbone, never sit on the floor for a long time. =__='

Night blues. I need a good massage. B is working night shift tonight. Been in Bintulu since Tuesday but havent had him the whole day for myself. He's either working night or day shift. I only had him 12 hours per day =(

I hate this. Whole body ache, super tired, but hormones keep me awake. Mula la nak touching2 kan tidur sorang. Lukcy I have pictures of ikha and ayfa to accompany tonight.

Kamceng eh Ikha ngan atok =)

Ayfa ayfa ayfa. Geramnyaaaa!

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