Friday, June 7, 2013

Strangers - Friends - Family

One good thing about going to boarding school is you get to know every students from every form. It's weird to me when my students do not know other students from the next class because I could remember all my friends from the same batch although we were in different classes.huhu That's when strangers become your friends and a few will stick and be your family. 

I'm glad to follow the decision to go to Bintulu because I got to meet the bestest friends from high school. Mommy was in love for a day =)))

Started on Friday night when Sally and I went to fetch Shatiti from the terminal bus. and Sally bought us dinner at a fancy place too. hehe

Then continued the second day for Aya's solemnization.

Cgek jak la gambar ho sebab mak buyong sakit belakang.haha

Then the Reception day when many other schoolmates attended the wedding.

Ze gurlss

Ze boysss

My belly became a hit that day. Too many touches received.hahahaha

Some were not in the pics as they had to leave early =)

Since the reception was for 2hours only, we had time to kill for the rest of the day. All decided to go for karaoke. yeay!

B owed me one song as he didnt sing during our reception. He thought he could make it for karaoke session. No way B. I still want one song in large crowd. Muehehehe


Managed to balance the bottle on le belly.muehahahahah

Honestly, before this, I never knew  they all have good voices. I jewww yg takde..hoh
For the closing, we all went to Tanjung Batu for a dose of ABC and Ais Kacang.


they surprised me with a birthday cake =')

Mommy kept her cool and didnt cry ok.

Thanks guys......I know I looked emotionless but my head was sweating from excitement.Mommy kan brutal =p

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