Wednesday, June 12, 2013

of lately

I have nothing interesting to blog about. But blogging is a must.hehe so lemme show you the things that happened lately.

Forgot to insert in the previous post. This is a birthday gift from me for myself.hehe but this beauty isnt wimme. She's with B. yeapp it's a she.haha

A colleague went to Kelantan during school holidays and bought this for Baby A. Thank you Auntie!!!!

First batch of durian for this season. Mak Buyong is happy =))))))

Rupa aneh so kena besarkan.

A gift from hubby to ever-backache-wife. hehehe use this to support my back when sitting on the couch. Even my family members enjoy this 'benda aneh'. Yea I call it 'benda aneh'.hahahaha

I'm bored.
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