Thursday, June 6, 2013


So we decided to stay at Swan Garden Hotel in Melaka for 3days 2 nights to celebrate our 1st year anniversary. The hotel is located roughly 25km from my house.haha dekat je nokssss.! It's a boutique hotel which they have rooms in different concepts such as Balinese, Baba & Nyonya, Malay Traditional and British India. B and I were attracted to their Balinese concept so we booked one room for us.hehe 

Anyhoo, due to some misunderstanding, the first night was spent in a deluxe room instead of a suite room. Nehmind. The room was located on Bali concept floor. The moment you stepped out of the elevator, you could smell Bali =)

First room.

Actually, if the room had a bathtub, I wouldnt mind staying for the second night. But it didnt. Just a power shower.hehe

Usual toilettries but the shower foam had soooo much of Bali smell in it. Love!!

King Size Bed

The room came with a courtyard.

The view from our room. At the beginning, we were pleased with the room and the view but later we had problem sleeping that night. The noise from the road was too loud. Car and bike racing, people screaming, car honking......We couldnt sleep till around 4am =___='

So the second night our room was changed to Garden suite with courtyard =) Basically this room has the same design with Deluxe room except it has 1 thing I've been craving for - bathtub.haha still using the same Bali concept.

I took some times scrutinizing the bowl. Very unique. Same set of toiletries given but with extra one comb and razor.

Come with a rain shower too!

Made love with this that night.huyeahhhhWhen you pull the blinds can see the bed.

Taken from the bed.hehehe No privacy if you want to 'behak' hahahaha

King size bed.

The view.

This hotel is still pretty new and there are lotsa aspect that can be improved.
 The rate we paid worth the stay. The buffet breakfast served was yummmssss even yummier than some 4/5 stars hotels we've stayed before.

The only but is that we were seldom in the room. Busy hunting baby stuffs so......kinda wasted osola...

Anyhoo, do come to this hotel. You'll love it!

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