Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Me =)

Kinda late for a birthday post but this year's was too sweet to let it be passed.

I turn 26 on 4th June this year. A quarter of a century is gone. Alhamdulillah for all the blessing You have bestowed upon me. All the people, the experience, the ups and downs have shaped me into what I am today. But just like a dough, the future might shape me into someone else.hehe cherish every moment.

Just like last year, this year birthday was celebrated in Sarawak. Last year was no celebration because we were tired of the wedding reception.hehehe This year, I had my bestfriends and family celebrating with me. Mak Buyong is touched =')

2nd June 2013 - early birthday suprise 
They waited for B and I to arrive till the 'happy birthday' burned a lil bt. Cake sedap from Ieer, Sally, Masty, Abg Macho Redzuan and Fatin. 

Sorry sekda amik gambar kitakorg ariya...huhu

Thank you thank you thank you. You all made me feel like I was 16 again, still in our hostel room, all giddy and excited. 

The next day, B and I drove back to B's hometown, Sibu. We arrived in Sibu around 4pm. Rested for a while before headed to B's auntie's house for which I thought for family makan-makan.

Little did I know my husband, who's the worst secret keeper when it comes to suprise had gathered his family to throw a suprise birthday dinner for me. and not a slightest clue was dropped as I had no idea at all...huuuuu It was so sweet of you B =)

Celebrated birthday with lil cousin, Azam =)

The aunties made me wear this Iban traditional piece =__='

Not used to be a center of attention, I sweated like hell. Malu tapii mahu giiiiiteeewwwwwwwww

Food picture should always be the largest. ahah the spread of food. We had KFC, Sate, tomyam, kijang and specially requested by B for me, Mi goreng and nasi goreng Normah =))) I'm a big fan of B's auntie's mi and nasi goreng.heheh

I flew back to Melaka on the 5th of June. I arrived home around 11pm and found a small secret recipe box in the fridge. A slice of blueberry cheesecake from le sister, Iffa. No picture though coz I gobbled all in minutes.hahahaha

Received many birthday wishes through Facebook, Whatsapp and SMS made my days. I even received one birthday wish through SMS from my student name Dorothy who I cannot remember who is she at all until now (my bad). But she remembered me and even my birthday. *nangis lok*

No words of thank you could put how I feel inside. I feel loved, appreciated and grateful by all the kindness I received from the people around me.

Thank you, kamsahamnida, arigato, syukran, terima kasih.

I am one lucky person.
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