Saturday, June 8, 2013

We miss you

I stayed with B for 12 days straight, the longest since I married him. Now we are back at our place, ready to head back to work. I miss him. Now no one can entertain my 'ngada2' mode. I haz sad =(.

Now entering the final trimester, I could feel the changes with my body. My energy level plummeted. I can barely walk for 10 minutes without stopping to gasp for air. My breathing is troubled. My back hurts. My pelvic area feels like swelling.And sleeping is a luxury now.

I'm not complaining the downs of being pregnant. I love being pregnant. I love when Baby A kicks. I love when my belly wobbles and freaks the person next to me (it did to my bro...hahha). I love when Baby A reacts to my voice...

It's will be better if B is here and share the moment with me. =)

God bless all good husbands out there. Who treat their wives like queens especially during pregnancy. Thank you Allah for granting me such a doted and wonderful husband. 

I hope B's boss will be in super good mood in few weeks to come so he can fulfill his promise much much much much earlier.hehe
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