Friday, April 15, 2011

Dari Allah kita datang..

I was having my breakfast this morning when the phone rang. Like 11 years ago, my heart felt uneasy that I didnt take it. My dad did. Few short conversations, my dad hung up. He looked at me and said: Ali anak Maknah meninggal pagi tadi eksiden".


Ali is my cousin. I am not closed to him but we did play together as kids. He was the rebel since he was young. I  remembered he built his own made rocket using small firework and firecrackers. He invited all the small cousins to join him and they launched the rocket. The rocket landed on my auntie's roof and he got scolded real bad. When we were younger, he would buy boxes of chewing gum and he was always seen munching it. Chewing gum   is banned in Singapore btw. During Raya Puasa, he would go all the way to the villagers house to collect ang pao when the rest of us were satisfied with the angpau we received from relatives. When I was 11, he lent me his walkman with 'FIVE' cd in it. That' how I remembered the song lyric, Baby when the lights go out'.

As we grow up and my family moved to Sarawak, we grew distant. He's just another cousin of mine. And we rarely see each other. The last time I saw him was last year during her parent's new house kenduri. Though he is a rebel and has mind on its own, he is still a nice boy. He still said hi to me when we met. He's been in and out hospital few times. From his facebook pictures (yea that's as far as i know him) he's into surfing, jungle trekking and other extreme sports. He's a biker too. scrambler to be exact. been into many accidents, scratches. 

That's all from me. I just need to express how I felt inside. Definitely sad. For all muslims who read this, please recite Al Fatihah for him so that he can be in peace. Al fatihah.

Ali in the middle, sitting at the back. Raya day when we were younger

Ali in blue, standing at the back. Raya 2008

May you rest in peace Syed Ali. InsyaAllah

p/s update: My auntie has sent out smses to the relatives. Ali passed on in the ambulance at 5am this morning. He's body will be at the hospital for post mortem and will be claimed tomorrow. My parents and I will be off to Singapore this afternoon to pay him the last respect.


aeshcame said...

Innalillah hi wa innalillah hi rajiun~

Sue Andy's said...

takziah... *speechless

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