Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm coming home =)

Am leaving UKM for good baby. gosh, has it been 6 years?haha never feel so excited to be home.

But am sad to leave shambun, shain, shnad grandma, shathirah, and my classmates. When are we gonna meet again after this?

My plan for holiday? Going to stay with my brother in Penang. If mom permits la. yet to persuade her. But i wanna. nak baby sit ikha pulak as part of slimming routine. Bole tak gitu amir?hahaha

anyhoo, my stomach still hurts. now can continue pooping in my own toilet at home. yippaa!!

oh btw, gonna blog my horrible trip to Genting and how no rides at Genting terrified me at all.haha

bye peeps. home sweet home!


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