Monday, April 11, 2011

Mood ruined

have a courtesy to smile/nod back when people smile at you. How would you feel when you smile at the other party ignore or worst, jeling2? If you dont like people to smile at 
you, hide your face in the paper bag. I am done with you ruining my mood. gah!

That was my Facebook status just now. I am still upset about that person. For all these years I have been tolerating with your attitude but this morning you were just too much to take in. 

You know to have a good day is to start early in the morning? My mood was okay when I woke up. Due tiredness and lack of sleep, plus I was unprepared to sit for my first paper, my mood was considered ok la. Not too good not bad either. So I was walking towards my car, ready to the exam hall when I bumped into this particular person. Because I know her, I greeted, smile and said Hi. She turned away and jeling!!! Terus naik darah aku sampai ujung rambut alex madagascar aku ok!

What the hell? I am sorry if you dont like me or something but next time dont bother to turn around. You totally ruined my day. I cant help it but the words 'jeling..jeling' hopped off my mouth. I dont care really if you could hear me. I am done tolerating. It's just the wrong morning to show such attitude, lady.

Then I continued walking to the car when suddenly an orange Proton Saga passed by me. The stupid driver drove it really near to me and when I turned back the driver, the passengers were laughing. Guys with no balls. Since I was still angry, I shouted 'KO RASA KO NYEM???'. Seriously I was so pissed off. I continued glaring at them. Seriously muka kau sik nyem. sik nyem sik nyem sik nyem. arghhhhh! why such people of all nyem people out there?? Cuba la Fahrin Ahmad ka, Barney Stinson ka...or worst Justin Bieber ka..sik juak ku kesah. 

Ok a bit emo. But after I wrote what I have stored in my head for the whole day, I will be okay. 

I have 10days break before the next paper. sheeshh...what should i do to fill in the time???heheheheh

see...i'm ok already. phew~


Sue Andy's said...

that person totally bengong... nang xda social skil. len kali ko lempar paperbag muka vavi rah nya , so mybe she can smile back at u n use that paperbag. bodoh punya orang.

isma said...

chill yeah.. been more better..


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