Sunday, April 10, 2011

Boring weekend

  • Honestly, I havent started revising. It's about 20 hours left before sitting for my 1st paper.  Lazy.
  • My hair is playing with my patience everyday. I am tempted to cut it short, i mean really short. It's frizzy, rough and thick. Imagine Alex the lion in Madagascar only mine is black color. sheesshhh
  • I am broke. Really broke.
  • Still considering whether to work, sleep or do something before start working this July. I want to work but still not sure about KISSM or whatever you call it. Induction course to start my adulthood. Yeah I am yet to become an adult thee hee
  • Batuk la pulekkkk
Driving back to UKM in hour....err... no after feeding Adam his lunch. See ya. Toodles!


eezance said...

All the best... :)

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