Friday, April 22, 2011

Good bye Leen. See you soon =)

Actually I am feeling melancholic here. This afternoon, I sent Leen to the airport. It felt surreal that we have come to this end of our journey. We are parting ways and going to enter the new chapter of our lives. We might or might not see each other anymore. Who knows?

To Leen, though there were times when you got on my nerve, annoyed, irritating and merepak a lot, I didnt know that your presence means so much to me. I am shy to admit that somehow along the journey you have shaped me into someone today. You showed me that friends means forgiving and loving each other despite all the conflicts.

I feel lost today. She was like a sister I never have. Funny thing, many people thought that we are sisters. even her own mother said that we look alike. So does my sister in law. So does the lady at Nail Parlour. The hairstylist at Hair Ballroom. and many other strangers.

Khidmat Masyrakat SK Jagoi, 2009

 Cohort 3 Tesl Dinner 2008

Kajai Retro Night, 2009

Bangi Ice Room, 2010

Ikea, 2011

Malam Ambang Graduan, 2011

Ain's sister's Wedding, Taman Maluri, 2011


After I returned from sending her to the airport, I did lot of thinking, reminiscing our time together. She is significant in my life. and I didnt realise it until now. =(

  • When she converted to Islam, I was one of the witness at Pejabat Agama.
  • When she got married, I was her bridesmaid.
  • She helped me through a lot of assignments.
  • She helped me during revision week
  • Because of her, my pointer got better every semester. and thanks to her, I got into Dean's list twice.
  • She helped me through my thesis writing.
  • She helped me to survey for engagement gifts.
  • She help me to decorate the engagement gifts.
  • She insisted on going to my engagement kenduri despite her morning sickness.
  • She is the one who was eager and really excited when I told her about my engagement.
  • She is the one who shows the most excitement when I told her that I am getting married next year.
  • She accompanied me when I was getting my nails done for engagement.
  • She joined me in getting our hair done though she was short of cash.
There are a lot more about her that I did not realise. Sedih aieeeeeeeeeee. Leen, I am so going to miss you. I pray for bright future for you, husband and future baby. Hope to see you on my wedding day or when the time permits. InsyaAllah. =)

Port Dickson, 2011

Bye makcik!!

p/s I just realised that I always on the left side and her on the right side of the pictures. Coincidence much??hahah


SWORD said...

insyaallah ade rezki jumpa lagi..hehe

Dewi Hiu bt. Iskandar Hiu said...

sword tok leen ka? hihihi.... muka taduak ada feature yang sama bah... yalah mun ditanggah sekali imbas kdak adik beradik. [ost tok polah kmk windu ngan leen juakkkkk eh. bila ndak dpt jumpa tak orang gik. btw, mun kawen padah awal. ney tauk da rezeki nak. hehehehe. congrats darl~!

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