Thursday, April 28, 2011

Genting Highland, April 2011

Last Monday, I finally got to go to Genting Highland. How lame was I??Haha It was a 2day 1 night trip and we stayed at First World Hotel. We took a bus from Hentian Kajang at 11.30 and arrived at the top around 2pm. Yea we took longer time as we waited for Julian.Hahah then we have to wait another 2 hours to check in into our room. By the way, we got our room free. I am not sure why it's free but Ambun said it was a promo for his birthday or something. We got 2 rooms, 1 for the boys and another one for us, girls.thee hee

in the bus from Kajang. By the way, the bus ticket from Kajang to Genting is only RM7.30 one way. =)

At the cable car station. Unfortunately, it was closed for maintenance. We continued our journey to the top with shuttle hoo =(


Our hotel at thE 12th floor. Somewhere at the dark bluE line.hahaha

View from our room

Our room. I forgot to take picture of the toilet and shower. But the room is very small. Lucky there were only 3 of us girls.haha

Live band at the hotel lobby

Hotel Lobby

For most of adult rides at the theme park, the minimum height is 153cm and maximum weight is 75kg. Phew, my height just cun cun.haha

I really truly honestly love this picture. We the sakais at the parking lot.hahaa

us, girls

the 2nd most favourite picture. ala2 cover movie okeh.hahaha

Because of us, the couple next to us looked so uncomfortable to date.hahahahha

There was no picture of us at the theme park because I didnt bring my camera, only Nad did. *nad,please upload the pics faster!!*

I was terribly sick that I didnt really enjoy my time there. Thanks to the food at Kajang. But overall, I enjoyed the laughter, silliness, loudness of us at Genting. And thank you to Julian for carrying my bag, for Nad to stay in the room with instead of meronggeng with the rest, to Ain, Sapik, Jenal, Nik, Ambun for your concern. I am truly sorry if I have spoilt some of your moments there with my sickness. *cursing the restaurant*.

Basically, here are the tips for those who want to go to Genting:
  1. You can go there by bus or drive. I would advise to go by bus because the road is damn steep *scary* plus the parking lots are not that much. All the places there are accessible by foot. No need to go by car.
  2. Room rate starts from RM165 - basic room. Complete with hot tap for shower.hehe
  3.  outdoor theme park ticket cost RM46, indoor RM32 - BOTH parks ticket is about RM60++
  4. Food is really expensive -  bring extra food, bread, maggi if you dont want to spend so much on food.
  5. Be prepared for a huge crowd of people. Notice that we went on weekdays (low season) still have to wait for 2 hours before we got our room.
  6. The temperature can be extremely cold at night, bring extra jammies if you cannot stand cold weather.
That's all i can think at the moment. If you really need more information, just drop a comment.i'll get to you asap.

p/s planning to go for our honeymoon here.hahaha I want B to ride Space Shot!! Can ah B??? =P
p/p/s I was sick, hence not many pictures of me. and I forced to smile most of the time.hahaha the most memorable trip indeed.


Sue Andy's said...

aku tetak tangga gamba couple next to y'alls yg x comftable to date ya. haha

Ms. Littlewing said...

good info and thanks for sharing..

! AzzaAzman @ Chempaka Sari ! said...

dari kecik lepak sini sebab ayah kerja sana. masuk semua free. masa tu xde first world lagi. bilik first world memang kecik sebab ia bilik termurah kat sana.,

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