Monday, April 4, 2011

I am engaged!!

Alhamdulillah, I am engaged to my high school sweetheart of 6 years on 2nd April 2011. I am so happy and grateful that the event went well despite few problems arised that morning. I am engaged!!! Still cannot believe that I have been 'booked' =)

fat fingers =.='

B's mum - in my room =)

Beautiful picture from Shafiq's. Thanks Sapik =))

Dear classmates, thank you so much guys for coming =))))))) Sanggup konvoi dari UKM. 

Orang kuat majlis - my beautiful mom...


From B - (clockwise), ring and cheque, Sarawak Layer cake, fruits, chocolates, shoes, kain ela and tudung and sirih junjung.  Hantaran digubah oleh member, Ambun. Fyi, this was Ambun's first attempt but we all love them to bits =)) Thanks jee.

From our side: (Clockwise), shirt and pants, chocolates, sirih junjung, fruit tarts, sneakers, book and sejadah, kuih muih and secret recipe cake. Hantaran digubah oleh Leen, di edit oleh mak tersayang..hehe

I gubah the choclairs into grapes. A proud girl who has no creative bone at all...haha

My classmates, my bro, and uncles..

The most sporting auntie, Cik Emot =)

With Kak Ap and her daughter, Iman..=)

Large clan from B's side

with B's aunties ..hehe syebess...

Too many pictures to be uploaded. I am one happy girl...hehe

In summary:

  1. I love my make up to bits. Semua puji cantek. suka suka. Oh btw, it was my own auntie who did my make up.hehe She's based in KL. She is a professional make up artist okeh..hehe
  2. I love my outfit. Nasib tak membazir beli baju puteh..heheh
  3. I love the kenduri food.
  4. I love my friends who came on that day: Ikha, Iela and Kak Lun, thanks for being there as the 'bridesmaids'. Without you guys, I must have cried alone (ceh dalam hati je la..haha) my classmates: ain, leen, ambun, steve, ka phin, crystal, edmond, nad, julian, wawa, sapik, jenal, nik, menn. God knows how happy I was.hehe
  5. I love the 'suasana'
  6. My family got to gather and watch movie together.
  7. I got to play with the most adorable babies in the world, My niece and nephew.
  8. Received many congratulations messages and wishes from friends and family. Thanks everyone =))

Alhamdulillah, I am still happy =). InsyaAllah next year, I'll be happily married to the man of my life, Saiful Fikri. Doakan ye..=)

p/s Pictures were taken from Sapik's and Ambun's facebook. I left my camera at home. Cannot tahan anymore to update =.='. Sorry ambun and sapik..


Sue Andy's said...

Tahniah Nurol, i am so happy for u, like im telling everyone i know that my fren dah engaged.. u look so vogueh and i love ur mekap, baju and the pikca, glowing alu muka... :D xkan dh nait seri pengantin kot jee??? huahua

sorry xpat dtg though aku mmg mok gilak2 pegi. xda org pduli niat aku pdh mok g tengok ko btunang. sdey (T_T) , but i'll make sure i'll be there in ur wedding day kelak k... i must!

Zyrah said... look amazing....! beautiful....

aRe-lOnG said...


Nurul Razak said...

hehe makseh uols....=))

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