Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I wanna be nice

I am one tempered girl and not liking a bit of it. I am in awed with people who can control their anger and look cool all the time. I want to be that but i know it takes a lot of courage. You know in Islam, one is considered really brave when he or she can control his or her anger? Guess i am not brave enough. =(

Anyhoo, Adam will return to his parents' crib tomorrow. His maternal grandparents will swing by and fetch him up to Shah Alam. Am sad auntie.

Today I saw a cat pooping in my mom's flower vase. I dont know if cat's poops can kill the flower but it seems lifeless by day. Poor flower.

Yesterday finally I went to see a doctor regarding my skin problem. No, not my face but allergy reaction on my feet skin. It is really really really itchy. I dont mind to use kniFe as long as the torture goes away. And i am rm51 poorer. But today I scratch less. I guess the medication works. Alhamdulillah.

I want to be better. really bad. the only thing that is stopping me is my self, specifically my anger issue. Damn you. If i were to get married, I should be mature, not entertaining stupid teenage-with-pimples issues, not sulking over stupid matters or dont give a damn of what people want to say.



Aishah FS said...

of course u can,good luck.

Sue Andy's said...

sabar jee :) i also have trouble controlling anger. but am sure u can!

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