Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy =)

Today marked the last day of me being the undergraduate student after 6 years. Alhamdulillah I have been through a lot for the past years (ceh...cliche much?). I survived and moving on.

Today's paper was a total disaster. err...not total, maybe half. I was pretty bad and very much not to my expectation. It was a 2hour paper but I  answered it in 45 minutes. Another 45 minutes to termenung. and went out of the hall half and hour earlier. Confident eh?hehe

After that, Ain, Leen and I rushed to Ampang since we bought this amazing deal from Milk A Deal. We bought a coupon:

RM88 instead of 335 for Rebonding / Perm / Color / Highlights or ANY Chemical Works + Wash + Cut + Blow at Hair Groom --- semangat!!!

We all went to get our hair done. I am happy now as my hair is neat and tidy. Happy happy!! At first I was worried if the service would be bad because we paid cheap maa.... but I was totally wrong. We were entertained by the senior hairstylist (he's kinda cute =p)) and the service was tip top. The staffs were friendly and tak lokek to share tips for hair. Love them.hee and also the ambiance of the salon was relaxing.

nice chandelier

Tomorrow my classmates and I are going to PD for our final trip together. Woot Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expect more posts with lotsa pictures.Cant wait!

p/s still thinking what to do in the next 2 months =.='


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