Saturday, April 30, 2011

Holiday, eh?

I am bored! Just now I wasted 3hours of my life watching Hindustan Movie on TV3. Havent done that in yearssssssssss. About the plan to stay with my brother in Penang, MOM SAID YES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

My initial plan was to take a short course at Kolej Komuniti Masjid Tanah since the fee is only RM15. I want to take either sewing course, cooking or baking. But none is available at the moment. =(. I love sewing..ok tipu...but really want to learn how because I want to sew my own Baju Kurung. I know how to cook already, just want to learn new recipes. Ok tipu. I have no problem with recipe. I have problem with estimating ingredients. Sometimes too much coconut milk, too much ketchup, too much water. But never too much salt. weird.haha As for baking, I love to bake. I want to widen my skills from just baking cookies to cakes. I've baked few cakes before. But I am craving for more..Kak Ana, my cousin inspired me to take cupcake class. But that is a whole different story. 

Unfortunately all the courses are not available. I dont want to work. though deadly broke. I'll be a full time teacher in 2 months. Enjoy the free time while it lasts, eh?

By the way, B and I have started planning for our wedding. We might hired a wedding planner for B's side since the date for both receptions are few days apart. Dont wanna risk anything, dont we? Because of that, I am more excited to plan for B's side. Sebab ada planner. Boleh demand yo! By the way, the planner is B's good friend in Bintulu. So we can get cheaper price. As for the theme, so far we have one. Might stick to it tho. Cannot tell yet since it's a long way to go.hihi B's mum has also started to plan. The other day, she called B early in the morning just to tell him how many guests will be invited. cute. as for me and mom, we still take things slow. She said, do what ever I want but I am pretty sure it's not gonna be that way. Even for engagement pun we disagreed in most of the things. Oh yes yesterday was the royal wedding of Will and Kate. Abah missed most of the live cast but he made it during the perarakan in the carriage. Terus abah said:

Nurul, nanti kawen nak berarak tak? Pakai motor besar. Nanti abah call member2 motor".

I just laughed but it wasnt a bad idea after all. Then Mak asked:

Kalau berarak naik motor, pengantin naik ape?

Abah answered:

Melaka kan femes kereta lembu. Naik kereta lembu la...

bahahahhaha. My parents are really cute.

Ok's time for CSI. bye!

p/s One more time baby, I am going to Penang. yippppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SWORD said...

hahahaha boleh jugak..hehe

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